The Narrator

I fear I’m losing my mind.  Throughout the day, Hemingway narrated my moments, my thoughts.

The mug was ceramic and smooth and it felt heavy in my hands.  I placed the cup to my lips and the coffee pulsed into my mouth.  It tasted of hazelnut or vanilla nut or another nut.  It doesn’t matter.  I laced the coffee with cream and it was rich and sweet and for a moment, I forgot the bitter day.

Why?  I have absolutely no idea.

God forbid that tomorrow David Foster Wallace narrates my day.  I’ll be lost in footnotes before my bare feet hit the floor.


2 thoughts on “The Narrator

  1. Nice. I’ve never had my whole day narrated, but for some reason all of my studying at university was done in the voice of David Attenborough, the wildlife guy. I lost interest in studying law due to the constant threat of crocodile attack.


    1. Ha! Nice. I’ve had days where all of my “secret inner replies” in conversations were done in the manner of Stewie from Family Guy. Needless to say, I snickered at what some would consider inappropriate times.


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