“Getting Lucky?”

I don’t typically read my horoscope because they’re generic and the “predictions” pretty much never ever materialize, but I stumbled upon this one and oh my goodness– how true it rang.  Spot on as far as the past couple of years.  Single.  Empty love life.  AND pitter-patter of little feet.

Now cross your fingers that the rest plays out well.  I would really love to crash through this relationship-free/no-sex wall.  I miss the intimacy.  Having your best friend around.  Inside jokes.  Rampant nakedness (well, after the toddler passes out for the night, that is).  Someone with whom I can bounce around writing ideas would be fantastic.  I know it’s all unlikely, but I can dream, right?

With tedious Saturn in your Sex Zone, you can be forgiven if your love life has had a bit of a dampener on it for the past couple of years. Whether you’ve been through a long period of being single or your love life has been hampered by the pitter patter of little feet, many Geminis have found their ability to flirt and seduce has been diminished of late. But wait! There’s hope! The planet of sex and cheekiness, Mars, arrives in your Flirtation Zone this week for the first time in two years. Your chances of “getting lucky” (to use a family-friendly phrase, I hope!) just soared…

Yasmin Boland, I do hope you’re right.

Of course, perhaps even just reading that prediction will put me into a more open frame of mind and, subconsciously, more flirtatious.  No matter.  Whatever works…

The song that always makes me think of love and I smile…


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