My daughter runs around with a smile plastered to her face, slaps her hands against various objects, and yells, “Vite!  Vite!  Vite!  Vite!” at random moments nearly every day.

I had no clue as to what she was saying.  At first I thought it was feet.  And then I thought it was beat, since she was smacking things.  Toddlers are difficult to understand as it is, so I was perplexed.  I did what any normal working mom would do:  ask the French sitter.

Vite!  Paule chuckled when I asked her what Maya was saying.  Apparently the kids become irritated when they are (impatiently) waiting for something, so Paule came up with this game.  They wave their hands in a “come to me” motion and say, “Vite!”  It means “fast” in French, or in their case, “come on, faster, hurry!”  Turns out that much of Maya’s gibberish is actually French.

Vite!  Fast.  It’s something I constantly battle.  I want the workday to speed by so that the weekend will arrive faster.  Vite!  I want to rush through my workout so that I can scrub and be off to do other things.  Vite!  I want the food to crash onto my plate so I can eat and clean and sleep and… do it all over again.

Vite!  Interestingly enough, it’s something I can accomplish in every area of my life except for writing.  I cannot seem to speed through that first random draft and I know that I need to do it.  I waffle.  I question my storyline.  I doodle.  I wonder if I’m using the right character as the protagonist.  Is this the person who should and does change the most?  Is this person’s story the most interesting?  Is the– hey, this square and triangle doodle thing is pretty cool.  Maybe I should work on my screenplay revision?  Oh yeah, I become distracted.

Vite!  I can’t question every little thing.  I need to go with the flow and not worry quite so much when it comes to the fictional world I built.  Instead, I need to let the words rush onto the page and trust that it will work out.  The characters seem to know what they’re doing, even if I don’t agree with their choices…  If it doesn’t feel right, I’ll slice it and suture it back together during revisions.

Hasten through my writing and kick back and relax more in my normal life.

Whatever normal means.


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