Saying No to NaNo and Yes to Play

November 3rd.  5000 words by the end of the day.  Unlikely.  Here’s why:

Outside, I say!  I’ve been dreaming of this fantastic weather since late May and it appears the trend will continue for the next month (as it generally does in the desert), so I cannot– will not– sit on my ass inside when we belong outside.  So, we spent our morning at the park.

After getting rear-ended by a young girl driving a flower van, of course.

Fortunately, no one was injured.  Maya kept asking, “What happened, mama?  What happened?”  The accident scared her a bit, but she remained safe and snug in her car seat.  As for the car… I kept staring at my bumper because there was absolutely no dent to be seen.  Given the impact and bounce when the girl hit me, I was surprised there was no damage.  There might be a scratch present, but it could have been there before.  Who knows.  All is good.  You make a fine bumper, Chevy.

In only slightly NaNo-related news, I think I’ve entered nesting mode.  This morning I awoke with this sudden urge to clean my refrigerator (which was already clean), take the Rainbow cleaner to the carpets, and donate closet items to the Goodwill.  I don’t know what I’m birthing, but something is on its way to me.  Knock on wood it’s a creative streak that will help me hammer out this story.  Or sex.  I’ll take either one.  I’m not really fussy.

One remaining tidbit before we head back outside to play:  I found a quote by physicist Michio Kaku that falls in line with my story.

I often think that we are like the carp swimming contentedly in that pond. We live out our lives in our own “pond,” confident that our universe consists of only the familiar and the visible. We smugly refuse to admit that parallel universes or dimensions can exist next to ours, just beyond our grasp. 

I wonder if I was rear-ended in a parallel universe today.


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