Happy Birthday, Maya Papaya

My darling girl turned three years old today.  As I’ve previously mentioned, she is an unexpected gem in my life.  We’re a team, she and I.

She’s forever in a cheerful mood and full of joy.

She always displays exemplary table manners.

Calm.  Laid-back.  Chill.  Definitely describes her personality.

At 41″ and nearly 40 lbs, she’s such a petite thing.  I just can’t figure out why she knocks me on my ass when she throws herself into my arms to give me hug.

She never, ever does anything remotely disgusting.

She refuses to wear anything I pick out for her; she must choose her own clothes, which means she wears the same things over and over.  But that’s okay.  We all have our favorite jeans and t-shirts.  She has a strong dislike for “girl” pajamas.  We shop in the boys section when she wants a Cars pajama set or Thomas the Tank Engine t-shirt.  She also refuses to let me do anything with her hair.  Only this past week have I been able to get a brush through it.  Baby steps.

I’m not having a party until her big brother returns from Spain next week, so she and I had a mini-celebration– minus the gifts.  Being the genius toddler that she is, she managed to hunt down her presents prior to her birthday.

Or maybe I forgot her gifts were in the trunk and she saw them when we took out the stroller.

It was a quiet birthday for the tot.  Grandma and grandpa called, but that was it.  She blew out her candles, we had some cake, and then we put together puzzles and played catch.  Sounds like a good birthday to me.

Mmmmm mmmm.  Good instant cake.

Oh, Maya.  I tease.  You are a beautiful, wonderful girl.

Especially while you’re sleeping.

Happy Birthday, my little stinker.


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