Tuesday Tidbits

Until two hours ago, I thought today was Wednesday.  Balls.

Yesterday was International Silly Walk Day.  As one who adores Monty Python, how did I not know this?

Every time I say “spontaneous bacterial pneumonitis” aloud, I do so in the voice of Sean Connery.  I can’t help myself.

I stepped on the scale today for the first time since the beginning of October.  I have gained a significant amount of weight.  I am 5’2″.  Five extra pounds is a bitch on my ass.  Double that and add two.  Yes, I injured my knee and was unable to work out for a while.  And yes, I was basically sick and without willpower for the entire month of December.  Effing DECEMBER with all the chocolates and drinks and ridiculous goodies around every corner.  Still inexcusable.  However, I started back into my normal routine two weeks ago and I’ve been tracking my food and beverage intake.  Yikes.  But yay.  My clothes are looser.  I have more energy.  I feel great.  I guess that’s all that should really matter.  Should, but doesn’t.  I am nearing forty and I want to look hot.  Vain?  Petty?  Perhaps.  Maybe it’s because I’m actually looking– as in really looking— at the opposite sex again.  I am ready for more, therefore I have to be ready for more.  You know exactly what I’m saying.

Speaking of which, I wore a snazzy, flouncy skirt with black hose and high heels today.  I hate hose.  My legs love them.  Even my stubs looked longer and leaner.  I dare say that I even received compliments and *gasp* the ol’ glance-over-the-shoulder-as-you-walk-away from a trio of lovely administrators from out of town.  Hello, darlings. Ego boost.

I’m rescuing a bird this weekend.  A cockatiel name Luna.  She was headed for birdie heaven at a mere 3 years of age.  I couldn’t see that happen, especially since there’s nothing wrong with her.  I had a cockatiel when I was in high school.  I taught it to whistle and dance and say his name over and over and over.  He kissed his mirror all the time, the narcissistic creature.  We’ll see how Luna takes to Maya.  The real trick is… where to put a bird in my minuscule apartment.

Another “speaking of which,” plans are in motion for me to move April 1st.  I would then have plenty of room for Luna.  Fingers crossed.

Unless I win the HGTV Dream Home.  Then I’m moving to South Carolina.

Maya has chewed up the armrests on my glider and jacked up the footstool.  It’s not fancy-schmancy, but it’s a nice leather-like set and super comfy.  I don’t know if I can fix them.  She is worse than a puppy.  And yes- she has peed and pooped on the carpet.  Lucky me.

My eyes are burning.

I started revising a script tonight.  It felt good.  Really good.  It’s starting to feel solid.  Something I can be proud of.

I believe things are falling into place.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Betchuknowme

    Admit it, you have a poop and feather fetish. Getting Maya potty trained wasn’t enough, now the Cockatiel – first diapers, then what? 🙂


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