Behold! The Power of a Cardboard Box

What do spectacular single moms do on Friday nights? 


Snatch a cardboard box from work and build a car (oh wow that’s so amazing!) for their three year-old (I’m three years old, you’re thirty-nine years old) while watching Up (awww that’s a soft doggie) and cooking dinner (hmmm this mac n cheese is slurp slurp slurp).

And drinking a glass or two of Pinot Noir (this is exactly what I needed) while eating two freshly baked fudge brownies (sweet baby Jesus, I am a fine cook).

One cardboard box and she thinks she’s the luckiest kid ever.

Or perhaps it’s because I simply made the time for her.


…Naw.  It’s the cardboard box. 




43 thoughts on “Behold! The Power of a Cardboard Box

  1. I just spent the whole afternoon making robots out of polystyrene cups. It’s got to the point where i can’t even remember what I would have been doing if my time was my own.


    1. Exactly. I wouldn’t remember, either, had I not stumbled across a very old (long deleted) blog journal in a manila envelope just this evening. From what it seems, I’m much happier now, believe it or not. I am poorer, fatter, and pee with an audience, but I am by far a happier, more positive person. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I would, however, be happy to let go of a weekend or two…


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  3. Love this! Simple things will go a long way in a child’s life. Time is one of them. Thank you for reminding us how simple pleasures in life can please the heart of a child. And as with your daughter, feel like the luckiest person in the world simply because of a cardboard box 🙂 I hope she enjoys it. Blessings!


  4. Our son is 8 and has every cool Lego kit imaginable and yet the cardboard box will still win him over. I love that. My mom used to say, “we could buy you fancy toys but you would still be out back with the coffee can, the spoon, and a box.” Thanks


  5. I’ve always known that cardboard boxes were under-rated. I had a permanent supply when mine were little – boats trains – anything you fancy, especially holed up during a typhoon. There’s also a lot to be said for a blanket over the dining table and having a picnic underneath!!!!
    Love your pics – and your description of motherhood – I really related to peeing with an audience


  6. I love this! This past weekend we bought a new toaster oven, and my son played with the box so hard that it ripped after a couple of hours. I’m not sure where, but my aunt bought him a cardboard space ship (some assembly required) that is all white so the kids can color it the way they want. He LOVES it. They have houses and a few other designs as well. It was made by discovery kids. (:


  7. Cardboard boxes. They lie all over the damn place the expensive contents lost to the mighty lego box. I have a no toy guns policy. See where there got me. Interesting sticks. Everywhere. They are largely used to bring down enemy aircraft.


      1. Thanks for the link 🙂
        Wow, a lot of thought have gone into them. Think I’ll be keeping it simple lol
        The link is currently doing its rounds at work..we are working honest 😉


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