Behold! The Power of a Cardboard Box II

I think I’ve started a Cardboard Box blog series.

Last night’s cardboard box creation: an airplane.  It didn’t turn out too shabby considering it was my first attempt at an airplane.  Maya seemed to like it, but asked that I make a helicopter next time.



She later used the hood as a snack/drink tray while watching Lady and the Tramp.


Welcome to my life as a single mom.  This is about as exciting as it gets.

For now.


13 thoughts on “Behold! The Power of a Cardboard Box II

  1. Any time there was a new and large cardboard box in my home – my parents would say “Michael’s got a new fort!” and so I did. It was my place – inside their place and no one could get inside my walls – except an invited friend.


    1. Very sweet of you. Thanks! I read through your q&a and you seem like a positive, upbeat person. Must admit, I don’t understand your sticker phobia. Is there a name for that? I have always wanted to travel to Scotland, though. Someday.


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