It was such a busy, crazy, mind-twisting week that I forgot to reblog this post I wrote for Black Box Warnings. In fact, the skull-numbing events that occurred this week, after I posted the blog entry, reaffirmed my choice to let go and move on.


8 thoughts on “Self-Love

  1. Oh my! Beautiful woman, thank you for sharing your story. You are one of the lucky ones. You escaped with your dignity and with the knowledge that you have the ability and power to love yourself. You did nothing wrong. You did everything right. You loved, you trusted, and you believed in someone. These men are called ‘players’ because they know exactly what they are doing — they know how to play upon the emotions of loving (not weak) women. ‘Players’ are abusers. You escaped with your life and dignity and love for yourself! PEACE-


    1. Thank you for your concern. I am doing great. I’m happier now than I have been in seven years. Busier with a three year-old, but happier. 🙂 I do hope that other people who might be in the same situation or something similar will stumble across my post and realize that there can be an end to the cycle. There is hope and there is happiness. I also hope that should a “Jack” come across the post, s/he (because they’re not all men) can recognize the extent of damage that s/he does to other people.


  2. I don’t know how I missed this post when it first went up – terrible story well told.
    Very similar to one I’ve been through myself in the past year, though there is no child, so I am pushing myself hard to get past it as fast as I can. But each time I think I’m done and free and flying in the wind, another wave of anger and resentment resurfaces.
    Partly it is that he tries to reinitiate contact and it just messes with my head all over again. But also I think the lying seems so outrageous, that surely he will fess up and come clean and truly apologize? Surely one cannot go through life constantly lying and using people??
    But apparently some people do.
    Thanks Michelle, there is something about knowing other people have had a similar experience that helps with the burn…


    1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing the same sort of thing. It is definitely a challenge to let go and move forward when he tried to squirm his way back into your life. Right after I posted this entry, “Jack” emailed me and asked me to move in with him. Out of the blue. And apparently (as I discovered the other day) while he has a girlfriend. Crazy.
      Keep moving forward with the knowledge that it does become easier. I promise.


      1. That IS crazy. What nerve.
        A few months ago it was worse, for sure. I was spending hours online reading about Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Sociopaths and trying to figure out the difference… not a great headspace. Now it is about changing the focus and strengthening all that is good in the present. 🙂 xx


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