Character Chatter

Sometimes, when you let a conversation between characters evolve on its own, they reveal their inner fears.  Even when your character has a potty mouth.


Your brother is headed your way.


How does he-


I told him where you are and what you’re doing. He found it amusing.


I asked you not to.


I know and I’m sorry. But he’s floundering, Davie. He’s like, fuck if I know. A fish flopping around. No direction. You gotta help him.


Not a good time.


You need to let it go, son. You’re a man of a the cloth now. Forgiveness is divine, right?
Your mother would have wanted it this way.


Mom’s not dead, dad.


Yeah, but she don’t give a dick about our family now. Ever since she went through the change, you know?




Yeah, fucking menopause. Her hormones are whacked. I get older and get the gout. She gets older and gets the testosterone of an 18 year old dipshit.

It doesn’t matter if it ends up in the final draft.  It’s the process of unearthing these simple gems that I love.  Makes me feel alive in my writing. 


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