Vacation: A Three-year-old’s Pics

I let Maya use my old camera for a couple days (until the batteries died) during our camping vacation in Flagstaff and these are some of her photos.  Let me just say that she loves dogs– I probably included only half of her doggie shots.  Everyone was more than happy to let her take pictures of their beloved poochies.

I thought it would be fun to see the world from her level.  As soon as this insufferable heat diminishes, we’ll spend more time outside so she can play around with the camera.


8 thoughts on “Vacation: A Three-year-old’s Pics

  1. As a professional photographer, it is actually kind of fun to throw a digital camera to a kid and say “Go for It”. Half the time they take better photos than most of the professionals I know.


    1. Great suggestion. I’ll instagram the pics, tuck the teeny-tiny pictures into oversized white mats, and use rusted parts of antique furniture for the frames. Sell on Etsy. Make a million.

      I’ll give you a cut.


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