Summer, You Beast! Be Gone!

I am so over you, incessant sunshine.  And you, never-ending temps of 110 degrees, I’m sick of your smug hotness.  “Oh, look at me!  I’m summer!  I’m so hot!”  You do realize that people grow weary of a show-off, don’t you?  Excuse me?  What’s that you said?  Oh, yes, yes.  I’m well aware that you’re a dry heat.  However, I grew up with the humidity and heat, and I can tell you, Ms. Dry Heat, that when the temps climb toward 110 forever, it’s just plain hot.  Humidity or no humidity.

The sun’s had enough and the simmering sky / has the heave and the hue of the woman on fire   Perfect lyrics as usual, Elbow.

Now, Summer, be gone with your bad self and usher in my love… Autumn.  However, Autumn tells me not to wish my days away, even if it does feel like the armpit of hell outside. 

In non-weather related news, I have my brain MRI tomorrow.  Whoo-hoo.  Thanks to my mom’s brain aneurysms and subarachnoid hemorrhage early this year, it is highly recommended that I get my noggin’ scanned to make sure I don’t have any ticking time-bombs hiding behind my thick skull.  If they discover some abnormalities (aside from the expected anomalies since it is my brain), then I’m off for additional testing.  Right now I’m just wondering how many people placed bets that the mri reveals a fat, empty space between my ears.

Maybe I’ll be able to post pics.  Prove I have something up there…


17 thoughts on “Summer, You Beast! Be Gone!

  1. Betchuknowme

    Best of luck on the scan, I am sure you wish you had a delete button but the scan will tell all……………….maybe lost and treasured thoughts from the past?
    Hope Lorrie is doing well………


    1. Yes, too bad I can’t have an “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” experience. Although, apparently erasing someone didn’t stop the feelings from returning, much like what occurs in real life. Damn, I love that movie.

      She is doing well, thanks. Her hair is finally growing back in. I think she might even have over an inch now. 🙂 She has another brain aneurysm surgery next Friday, so hopefully that will go well and then that will be it.

      Thanks for the well wishes!


    1. I envision the radiologist looking at my scan and calling in for a second opinion. “Hey Bob, it’s Dan. Yeah, look, I think there’s something you should see. I can’t be completely sure, but I think the Kool-Aid Man has taken up residence in this woman’s brain.”

      btw, when we were little we had the Kool-Aid Man plastic pitcher and glasses. Koolest evah.


      1. “Bob, this is Dan. I took a look at the MRI and, well, I quit. I’m retiring as of today. Maybe open a B&B, I dunno.”

        I had a mug that was of the Kool-Aid family of characters, but I don’t remember what its name was. I loved that mug!


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