Blogger Turned Self-Published Author

I don’t write book reviews often (or pretty much ever), but I wanted to give a shout-out to another blogger and help spread the word about his first self-published book.  (Plus, his protagonist is a squirrel and I have a soft spot for those furry troublemakers.)

The Woodlander, the debut novel by Kirk Watson, is the tale of John Grey, a squirrel who has lost it all– his illustrious career in journalism, his family, and his zest for life– and is at the end of his rope.  After yet another evening of one too many drinks, a chance encounter with a transporter tempts him into sniffing out one more great story.  Instead, he find himself in over his head, sent into a perilous, forgotten land where rediscovers his will to live and the strength to fight for his own life and the lives of others.

The story is enjoyable and whimsical, with a slight Hunger Games vibe during the pre-hunt evaluation and judging sessions.  Though not directly marketed as such, I think the book is appropriate for the teen/young adult (7th grade up) set.  While there are a couple of suggestive passages, the language is, for the most part, quite tame- more so than prime time television or reality tv.  The novel contains moments of death and bloodshed, but nothing that would damage my tween/teen more than the local news or internet headlines.

Please take a moment to visit his Woodlander (The Grey Tales) blog and say hello.  He’s a great guy who dishes out solid writing advice.  Plus, he posted the prologue online and created a trailer for his book.  Busy man.  Maybe we’ll be able to drag this Austinite away from his laptop for a night or two for the Blogger Interactive.

Congrats on publishing your book and good luck to you, Kirk!  I look forward to reading the next book in your series.


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