On the Horizon…

HGTV has some pretty sweet home/car sweeps.  The Dream Homes are usually over-the-top luxurious; the Green Homes (now Smart Homes) are my dream homes- my favorite thus far being the home in Denver (though Serenbe was a very close second); and the Urban Oasis homes are kick-ass, gorgeous pads in hip cities (I still drool over the Chicago home).  It’s like entering a free lottery.

The Urban Oasis this year is in the great city of Boston.  Every time I enter the sweeps, this song starts going through my head:

Granted, the extra costs that come along with the homes are generally far greater than “normal” people can afford (thus they have to take the cash option), but the taxes, home association fees, condo fees, etc. are not what dominate my mind when I click the “enter” button.  I don’t think other people are typically mulling over the extra costs, either.

I envision the act of starting over.  Fresh.  Packing our belongings.  Leaving this small town in southern Nevada and heading elsewhere.  Setting up a room for Maya with a play space and a big window so she can see the leaves changing colors in the fall and the moon glowing at night.  Preparing homemade pizzas in a bright, happy kitchen, maybe even as the dark-haired man who keeps popping into my dreams at night hands me an ale and we watch Maya chasing a dog in the backyard.  Picking ripe tomatoes off the vine in my little garden.  Sitting outside in the early morning with a fleece blanket wrapped around me and giant mug of coffee warming my hands as I watch the world awaken.  Ok, I can do the last one right now, but the experience could be enhanced if I sat in my own back yard and watched squirrels bounce around a tree.

Truthfully, when it comes down to it, I’m blessed.  I have a decent job, a healthy kid, and food on my table, which not all people can claim.  Plus, I’m happy, even if my daughter does drive me batshit crazy at times.  I’m slowly working my way toward making that dream of mine a reality.  I have a couple of long weekends planned (to the beach! to Austin!) and then I’m right back to digging my heels in for that goal.  Barring unfortunate events, my savings should be at a level where we can migrate to a new city within the next year– two years tops.  I’m not sitting back and waiting for a miracle to occur in order for me to reach my destination.  But… wouldn’t it be nice to have the funds to make that drastic change sooner rather than later?

I’m not trying to run from myself (because that never works out well– plus, I feel pretty damn good), but to enhance my life, surround myself with like-minded individuals, and give my child the chance to flourish in a more creative and open-minded atmosphere.  I enter the sweeps, I give myself a minute to dream, and then I turn my attention to what I’m doing right now to make my “starting over” vision my reality.

Anyone else dream of packing their belongings and busting out of their current digs to start fresh?  Where would you go?


7 thoughts on “On the Horizon…

  1. Yep, I sometimes dream of starting over somewhere. Living in the city is great, but sometimes I just want to get away from everything and enjoy a little peace and quiet. Plus you’re right about the HOA fees and property taxes. Even after paying off my mortgage, it still costs me as much to live here as some people pay in rent. Crazy!

    I’ve always liked the Boulder area. I hear the property taxes are low in Colorado, which would be nice once I’m semi-retired and writing full time. But being from Texas, I’m not sure I could handle the winters. But definitely someplace with milder summers than Texas (or Nevada, I would imagine!). Maybe the Pacific Northwest?

    I don’t need much, but I’d like to have a little workshop to tinker around in, maybe fix up an old motorcycle or something. Perhaps that’s a guy thing… 🙂

    It’s good to have dreams!


    1. I love the Pacific Northwest. I think I need to try it on for size instead of just visiting. I agree- the Boulder area is pretty nice. I like Colorado. Wherever I decide to move, there must be mountains nearby for hiking. Love to hit the trails.

      A workshop! Yes! I refinished a chest that my great-grandfather made for my grandmother when she was a little girl and since then I’ve wanted room for furniture restoration projects. I have a child’s roll-top desk that was my mother’s when she was little and that I used when I was a child that needs a drastic overhaul and a few mid-century pieces that need some TLC. I love new furniture, but I also like to salvage old pieces that have history, especially family history. So a workshop to tinker around in is a great idea. My dad’s workshop is over two thousand square feet and has and upstairs area, a bathroom, and a refrigerator. I don’t think I require that much space…


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