Two Weeks To Go!

Getting all antsy in my pantsy for Blogger Interactive!  Couldn’t have arrived at a better time to snap me out of this terrible funk I’ve found myself in.  I feel so… beaten.  I need something wonderful to fall into my life right now.  Hmm… Well, I do get a weekend in the fabulous city of Austin, which is my first weekend to travel without Maya Papaya.  Whatever shall I do?

Oh yeah….

First there’s our meet-up at 508 Tequila Bar.  At least one big hug is on my checklist (and a good hug can always lift your spirits) and then I can stuff my face (good food lifts spirits, too).  There are some delicious items on that menu.  I hope there is at least one other person who loves to share because I want to try as much as I can.  And the beverages… oh, don’t get me started.  Gotta take it easy, though.  In the morning is…

Coffee at Halcyon.  As Maya said when we stopped off at a convenience store during our road trip to see her dad, “You should get coffee, mommy.  It is your favorite drink.”  Miss Smartypants.  Question:  Is 9am too early for a chocolate espresso martini?

Off to the library to meet our fabulous BI speakers and then wander around downtown or venture down South Congress to check out quirky stores, whichever my heart desires.  Maybe I’ll get lost in art galleries or take a stroll along the water until…

Hangar Lounge.  I have no idea what’s going down.  Chatter.  Laughs.  Possibly toss out my elevator pitches for a couple of screenplays and see what sort of response I receive.  I would love to find another person with whom I can connect in that brainstorming-ideas sort of way.  I love that buzz.  I miss that buzz.

At the last minute I remembered to order my free networking cards from  I slapped on one of my favorite snapshots I took of a graffito and added the name of my novel (WIP) in place of my business/title.  Thus, I am The Love Larcenist, which is ironic because, sadly, I am the exact opposite.  Anyway, I’m not really sure if networking cards are my thing, but I thought it would be a fun memento at the very least. 


Lots of things to do, people to see, and food to be in my belly.

Funk, be gone.


7 thoughts on “Two Weeks To Go!

  1. This looks like an awesome itinerary. I’m getting a Mad Men vibe from the Hangar Lounge. I might have to suit-up!

    Also have to throw in a vote for my favorite watering hole Mugshots, although you’re missing a certain someone’s birthday celebration tonight…


      1. Thanks! My age is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, so it should be a good year! 🙂

        Yeah, Mugshots is nothing fancy, but it’s been my “Cheers” for the last 10 years or so. Heading there now!


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