Bring It

I’ve been told that if you really want something in your life, you shouldn’t just want it or wish for it and expect it to fall into your lap.  You need to act.  Act, and the universe will follow through.

I kept saying that I wanted to move, but continued to settle deeper into my home.  Time to change that.




Whittling down.  I need more boxes.  Clothes, books, and toys sorted, packed, and donated.  Magazines dropped off at work.  Old towels donated to the animal shelter.

I have no idea where we’re going, but I have to start acting like we are outta here.  Merely thinking about moving has done nothing for me, although maybe I wasn’t completely ready to move until lately.  So, I think it’s time for some action.

Bring on the changes, universe.

Also, last night I finished another draft on one of my screenplays.  It still needs so much work…  I was thinking about my protagonist and how I could portray his “a-ha” moment without being overly dramatic.  I kind-of received an answer today.

I arrived at work and I was walking to the door when I noticed a woman coming out at the same time.  A soft, bouncy dress swayed around her perfectly; tall, black boots hit just under her knees; a cropped jean jacket made the look more casual; and she had long hair pulled back into a loose ponytail, which curled down onto her shoulders.  I wanted to have that pulled-together look that she had.  Confident.  Happy.  It was just as I flashed a dimpled grin and she did the same that I realized I was staring at my own reflection.

Sometimes it’s as simple as seeing your reflection when you don’t expect it and realizing that the person you are admiring is you is when you recognize the transformation in yourself.  I don’t recall ever not knowing I was staring at myself, so it was on odd, but illuminating experience.

I think I know exactly how I could work a similar situation into pivotal scene.


13 thoughts on “Bring It

  1. Melanie

    This reminds me of my favorite line from the movie “Stranger Than Fiction” when the author in the movie discovers the ending to her novel and when asked how it came to her she said, “like anything worth writing, it came inexplicably and without method.”


      1. Melanie

        Me too. I never get tired of it. I’m not a big Will Ferrell fan and I almost didn’t watch it. Twenty or so viewings later, I’m glad I watched it the first time.


    1. By the way, according to google maps there is a store right next to Lucy in Disguise called Maya Star. There is a pink neon sign that says “maya” and then there is a star next to the name. I’m hoping to get a picture of it lit up in neon at night so that I can frame it for my Maya. She will love it.


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