Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I finally did it!  I donated ten inches of my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths a little over a week ago.


Maya wanted me to braid my hair like Queen Elsa’s

Right before the cut, I divided my hair into four ponytails to get an even cut:


My hair, neatly packaged for the donation:


And right after Olga chopped it and evened it all out, she gave me a quick blow-dry:


I feel so FREE now.  I had forgotten how swingy this cut is and how sexy and confident I feel with my hair like this.  I feel like a new woman.  There was a huge, immediate change in the way I carried myself.  I love, love, love it.  Even when I do absolutely nothing to my hair after I shower, it looks like this:


Bad fluorescent workplace lighting, not a lick of make-up, and not a brush through my hair after my shower, but I have to admit- I look pretty good (even if I do kind of look like I walked out of the late 80s/early 90s in the above pic).  That’s what confidence does to you.  Well, that and the fact that I don’t smoke, I eat fairly healthy, exercise, drink a ton of water, and keep my alcohol to a minimum.  Anyway, after Maya was born, my pin-straight hair turned naturally wavy, so if I want a bit of curl now, I don’t have to do anything.  Crazy.

Ok, enough pictures of my mug and my cool new hair style.  I have been absent lately because I- well, we (Maya and I) have been busy little bees.  As you can see:

I miss my Joshie like crazy now that he’s living in Finland, but life is very full with a four year-old girl.  Keeps me busy.  My days are go, go, go from the moment I awake until my head hits my pillow and I instantly pass out at night.  Work (my job is just nuts right now- and not in a good way), exercise, play, write and work on my screenplay, and then repeat.  We get outdoors as much as we can right now because the heat is coming on strong- and it’s going to be a scorcher of a summer yet again.  Once the heat kicks in full-force, we have to get out before 9 am to play and then we hibernate just as other people do during the winter.  So, very (very) soon my blogging will increase once more and I’ll devote more time to my WP family, catching up with your stories and lives (which I do miss), and I’ll churn out some blogging ideas I’ve had floating around in my brain.

Until then, thank you so much for popping by to say hello!  I do appreciate your time and I’ll be back soon.

A side note: my laptop that has the oven-baked motherboard is still working.  Can you believe it?


13 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. Agree ENTIRELY about the haircut – it looks marvellous. Not in the least surprised about your obsession with Maya – she is very, very obsession-worthy. 🙂 And yes, hte oven-baked motherboard is somewhat amazing – but hey, who cares ? Think of the money and angst you saved (angst re having to get a techo to remove the old and install the new: without doubt you’d’ve lost something, eh ?) …


    1. Thanks, Mike! I love it, but it falls into my face when I lean over the sink to finish brushing my teeth. I have to remember to brush my teeth before I brush my hair. Or apply lipstick. I don’t know why I can never remember to brush my teeth before I put on my lipstick. I’m sure you totally understand.


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