Stripped of My Desire to Create

Reblog. Though I prefer to call it “recycling.”

Here’s the kicker: I actually feel the complete opposite now than when I wrote this piece. I awake energized and I am thrilled to develop my creative projects every day. Finally! Yes.

However, I don’t always feel the desire to create and I assume many other people don’t as well. Perhaps some of the suggestions in the comments will spark a fire.

Michelle Stodden

I’ve been out of commission for a while.  Not as in a my-organs-were-removed/repaired-and-I’m-recuperating sort of way, but in an I’ve-lost-all-drive-to-write sort of way.  Personally, the former would be easier for me to deal with.  I have a pretty high pain tolerance and not all organs are necessary for survival.  Just ask Slim Goodbody.

Bask in my greatness. You know you want it.

I attempted to pinpoint when the creative breakdown was conceived, but I failed to locate that nefarious moment.  I’ve no recent traumatizing situations to speak of, save for my friend’s Christmas party where she kept dumping out my drink in order to wash my glass.  I would set down my glass to talk to someone and then turn back around to take a sip of wine only to discover it sprouted legs and trotted away.  (I must warn you that one has to watch their plate around her, too.  It’s a compulsion she’s…

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