Saturday Goals & Results

Goals for Saturday:

  1. Do not get sucked into Facebookland.
  2. Try not to expel a lung during a coughing fit. (Summer colds are a b*tch.)
  3. Balance checkbook without weeping.
  4. Do not open the cupboards that contain chips and chocolate. Vive la résistance!
  5. Exercise. “But it BURNS MY LEGS.” Do it anyway. Embrace the pain, weeble wobble.
  6. Meditate without falling asleep.
  7. Fold laundry today and not after pushing the “fluff” button for five days.
  8. Work on outline for novel. Your characters are anxious. And you’re getting old.


I failed at #1 before noon but managed to not take the quiz to find out which animal is my other half, so I consider that a partial success.

Both lungs are secure within their proper cavities, although I think I felt chunks of lung tissue exit my body during a coughing fit. Gross, I know.

Finances balanced with two dry eyes. In fact, I had a moment of gratitude. I’m able to pay my bills, which is something that many people cannot do. I would like to see more $$ flowing into my account, I’m not gonna lie.

I’m trying not to think about #4 because if I do, my eyes drift over to the kitchen cupboards…

Shift Shop Saturday workouts completed. That makes week one done. This stuff isn’t easy, either. Solid workouts with a strict meal plan. However, since I needed something to jolt me out of my stupor, I am focused and dedicated. Meals are on-point with no cheats and workouts are done, even while sick. Because I want to be nothing less than a badass. And, you know, fit back into my awesome, currently too-small wardrobe.

I fell asleep. A little. I mean, I had a hypnic jerk and then forced myself to get up, so that’s a pretty good indicator that I fell asleep.

All laundry is done with zero fluff cycles. I feel so grown up right now.

Outline? My favorite place to spread my wings and my note cards:


Excellent Saturday, y’all.






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