Ahhh!!!! She's walking!  She was holding her book and took five steps to Josh so that he could read it to her.  It was AWESOME!!  Oh my hell.  She's walking!

Eight Month Maya Papaya

Technically, I'm a day early.  Maya turns eight months old tomorrow, but I have a spot of time right now to spill the beans about what's new with the little lady.  So, Miss Maya, here's what you're up as you enter your eighth glorious month on this planet: You are one active chick-a-dee, kiddo.  I... Continue Reading →

Seven months

Time has been flying by.  My munchkin, who is currently kicking on my lap and attempting to add extra consonants and vowels to my words, is now seven months old.  Seven!  She stares out the window at the fuchsia and white bundles on the spiraea shrubs and blows raspberries, spraying baby spittle all over my shiny screen.  This... Continue Reading →

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