Twists, Turns, Baby Poops, and Outlining

I am still plugging away on my outline.  I had hoped I would be finished with the outline and on to the scenes by now, but my days off did not go as planned.  As usual.  Why is it that whenever I plan a couple of days off, Maya and I invariably become violently ill? ... Continue Reading →

Maya’s First 525,900 Minutes

Dear Maya, my darling little stinker: This first year with you has been quite an adventure.  I suspected that if I ever had another baby, he/she would be the exact opposite of my mellow Josh, and I was right on the money.  At the beginning, you didn't let on to your real self.  While we... Continue Reading →

Sleepytime Fail

Operation Sleepytime-Sans-Sleepsack is not a success.  I repeat, NOT a success. I know this for a fact because, once again, I was blessed with only 3 1/2 hrs of sleep last night due to Miss Maya's restless leg syndrome and apparent insomnia.  I questioned whether I could start her on Lunesta and Mirapex, but since she's under... Continue Reading →

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