Tuesday Tidbits

Until two hours ago, I thought today was Wednesday.  Balls. Yesterday was International Silly Walk Day.  As one who adores Monty Python, how did I not know this? Every time I say "spontaneous bacterial pneumonitis" aloud, I do so in the voice of Sean Connery.  I can't help myself. I stepped on the scale today... Continue Reading →

An English Composition Soap Opera

Coming soon to E!* “F@&* It!  Tales of Life and Love Gone Awry in the Land of Grammar, Punctuation, and the Alphabet” The searing ancestral accounts of a bygone era, including these unforgettable tales: The “Lilliputian Letter Movement”- the lowercase letters’ attempt to extract themselves from under the totalitarian thumb of the UPPERCASE class- which escalated... Continue Reading →

Your Evening Chuckle

My two year-old usually has a cute singing voice-- that is, until the demons possess her body...  and tonight, the demons are young and they want to set the world on fire, as demons are wont to do.

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